Things That Go Together

An argument that will hardly ever be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction is what should or shouldn’t go with pizza. Let’s face it. Almost anyone you meet has a strong opinion about the great American classic (by way of sunny Napoli); pizza I mean.

There are numerous iterations from just as many regions that are prized in one locale and scorned in another. Sacrilege, they cry! You doubt me? Try serving a cracker thin Saint Louis pizza to an unsuspecting Chicagoan. Or, offer a pineapple and ham pie to a Connecticut Yankee (think New Haven Apizza pronounced ‘ah-beetz’).

We largely and emphatically agree to disagree when it comes to how we perceive our favorite versions. Given the inherent, potential controversy surrounding our territoriality and culinary predilections, here’s a little something I dreamt up… literally.

Yes, it came to me in a dream. My wife is never surprised by my somnolent sources of inspiration. She merely shakes her head, rolls her eyes, and shrugs. There’s no point giving air to her comments on the subject. It would just further embarrass me, something not that easily achieved.

So here goes. You don’t need to give aerodynamics to your favorite slice to the heavens as I have done to enjoy it along with another American classic… you guessed it; your favorite Tennessee Whiskey!

For me, it’s a margherita drizzled with hot honey and Old No. 7 in a Glencairn. Some of you will embrace it. Others will utter “Ewwww!”. But for me, this is an ethnic fusion on a par with such culinary delights as the pastrami Reuben eggroll offered at Junction 35 Distillery in Pigeon Forge. This is a Chinese/Deli combination that involves a “crunchy eggroll filled with pastrami, sauerkraut, mustard and thousand island dressing”. Also ,mmm, mmmm good with Tennessee whiskey!

Perhaps a falafel Cobb salad fills your bill. It’s a classic Cobb salad, invented by Mr. Cobb, the chef at the Brown Derby in Hollywood, with Mideastern falafel standing in for the chicken breast in that delicious blend of hard-boiled eggs, avocado, blue cheese, tomato, and bacon served with ice berg or romaine lettuce. Please pass the whiskey.

I could go on, but I’m pretty sure you will have your own ideas about what goes well with that smooth, tasty spirit that we all love. I speak of that liquid gold in a glass, better known to many as Tennessee Whiskey!

Ramen carbonara anyone?