Private Online Advanced Digital Photography Classes with William Fields

  • Six sessions
  • Individual Instruction
  • Classes are scheduled at mutually convenient times
  •  Virtual classroom, Email and Video content


The class covers manual photography, a variety of advanced techniques and equipment, post-processing, and some aspects of the history of photography. There is a student project involving compiling and publishing a book/portfolio.

You’ll learn post processing software and its use. I will share my process and the tools that I use with you. Learn what I do and how I do it.

There will be homework assignments, using your camera, of course. At each virtual session, You’ll get gentle feedback on your homework as part of the learning experience. The homework will be compiled in a book form.

You will come away with a much greater understanding of both the art and science of photography and your part in it. You will have a book that can serve as a portfolio or that can become the launching of a commercial project.

Enrollment is limited to the time available.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Registration: $220