A Barn for All Seasons

This decrepit barn and the concrete silo were found on Highway 94, near Treloar, Missouri for many years. The barn has been torn down, but the silo remains.

A Bit of Straw

The foot of this chimpanzee intrigued me. You can see my interest in this and in the photo titled ‘A Foot’.

A Foot

The similarities between us and chimpanzees is rather astonishing. Our DNA differs from chimps and bonobos by about 1.2%.

A General Store Cat

On a back road in Arkansas, I found this old general store and its feline denizen.

A Girl on Her First Date

My wife picked this peony for me and put it in my bathroom on top of the toilet tank. When I saw the shadow it cast and the warm light from the bath fixture, I knew that there was an Read More …

All Window Now

Time and weather have taken their toll at Fort Union National Monument in Watrous, New Mexico.

Amarone and Blood Oranges

For those who appreciate wine, no explanation is necessary. For everyone else, Amarone is a beautiful Italian wine made from grapes that have been left on the vine until they almost become raisins. The richness and complexity of this wine Read More …

An Ivy League Rustic

An infrared image of a Century Farm barn on Highway 94 near Pinckney, Missouri. The infrared camera is blind to chlorophyll, causing the ivy covering the barn to appear as if it were snow. This image was shot on a Read More …

Arcs and Angle

There are times when I just want to immerse myself in geometry. This is the interior of a covered bridge near Marshall, Indiana. It is a burr arch truss bridge built in 1882 by Joseph Britton.

Arctos in Silva

Canis Lupus Arctos is the white Arctic Wolf or the Polar Wolf. They are one of the few wolf species that are not endangered. They have a somewhat limited range in the Queen Elizabeth Islands in the Canadian North. Arctic Read More …

Arctos Sings

Canis Lupus Arctos is the white Arctic Wolf or the Polar Wolf. They are one of the few wolf species that are not endangered. They have a somewhat limited range in the Queen Elizabeth Islands in the Canadian North. Arctic Read More …

August Nortons

The Missouri wine grape harvest usually begins in August. The Norton is the flagship grape for dry red wines at most wineries in the region.

Aunt Pearls Mandolin

My Aunt Pearl played the mandolin in a hillbilly band in the town of High Coal, West Virginia. She bought that mandolin from a guy who came over from Missouri for ten dollars and a blackberry pie. She was known Read More …

Barracks Lintels

Fort Union National Monument in Watrous, New Mexico has these eerie remains of what was once a fort built of adobe bricks.

Barracks Walls

The remains of what was once an adobe barracks building at Fort Union National Monument in Watrous, New Mexico.

Box of Bolts

I was exploring an old log barn that was going to be torn down. I found this wooden box that had been used for nondescript spare parts by the farmer who once lived and worked there. The image to me Read More …

Canon City Storm

I was driving from the Royal Gorge to Pueblo when I saw this powerful storm on the horizon. I got out of the car to photograph it as the storm moved rapidly across the high desert toward me. By the Read More …


Chardonel grapes are a hybrid that have wintering over hardiness, making it ideal for Missouri wine making. The grape comes from Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc.

Chardonel III

This is among my personal favorites of the wine grape photos I’ve taken over the years. There’s almost an intimacy present in the work.

Chimayo Gates

The Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico is a pilgrimage site and a National Historic Landmark. 300,000 people from all over the world make pilgrimages to the Santuario de Chimayó during Holy Week. Some come to be healed because of Read More …

Connor Pass Sheep II

Oh, who will plough the fields now And who will sow the corn And who will watch the sheep now And keep them from all harm And the stack that’s in the haggard Unthreshed it may remain Since Johnny, lovely Read More …

Courthouse Vista

The Gasconade County Courthouse on the Missouri River in Hermann, Missouri. This is the only privately funded courthouse in America.

Courthouse Vista

The Gasconade County Courthouse is the only privately funded courthouse in America. The money to build it was donated by a man named Eitzen who was an entrepreneur. The only condition he imposed was that the courthouse had to built Read More …

Cowboy and Henry

Cowboys herd cattle even today. This fellow was working a herd to separate the young out. His failthful horse? Henry of course!

Downward Facing Wolf

The grey wolf, Canis Lupus is a magnificent creature. This one’s name is Teton. When I came upon him in a preserve, he seemed to be practicing his yoga. And, indeed, it was a long, luxurious stretch that I caught Read More …

East of Navy Pier

When we realized that our harbor tour was going to be strange in that we couldn’t see much because of fog, we thought the operator would cancel. I’m kind of glad they didn’t.

Faded Glory

There is still an intrinsic beauty in the final days of a flower. Autumn brings these changes to blooms as well as leaves.

Farmer in the Dell

A family farm, up in a hollow near Hermann, Missouri. This has been one of my more popular images.

Festhalle I

The historic Festhalle in Hermann, Missouri. This is the shot on the cover of my first book; Hermann Missouri – One of the Prettiest Towns in America. Click on the Books tab to order the book.

First Street Dusk

It was a rainy February evening when I went into town to pick up the mail at the post office. As I came into the village, this was the scene that presented it self. Out came the camera.

Flint Hills Forget-me-not

In the Flint Hills region of Kansas, I found this old place next to a Dollar Store. I love the idea that something so idyllic can sit right beside an incursion of modernity.

Happy Howlidays

Another of my favorite wolf portraits. I have used this image for Christmas cards. If you have an interest, contact me for pricing.

Hermann on the MO II

An infrared image of the Gasconade County courthouse at Hermann, Missouri. The building has a commanding view from above the Missouri River. I have photographed this building dozens of times.

Hermann, Missouri – One of the Prettiest Towns in America

Hermann, Missouri is a town rich in heritage, culture and beauty. William Fields and Tony Carosella take you on a tour of Hermann, spotlighting her breathtaking landscapes; her majestic river; her architectural beauty; and of course, her people.

A beautiful hardcover book with dust jacket. With over 150 photographs, the book will allow you to see with your own eyes why Hermann has been called one of the prettiest towns in America by travel writers, national publications and now, by you.

  • Hardcover: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Acclaim Press (November 1, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1942613199
  • ISBN-13: 978-1942613190
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches

Read More …

How Fair the Vine Must Grow

I strive to create still life images that hark back to 19th century and earlier painting. The title of this picture is a line from a poem by Christina Georgina Rosetti.

In the Place of the Old Ones

In the Place of the Old Ones is an image of First House Ruin. It was among the first Anasazi Ruins documented in 1882 by Smithsonian explorer, James Stevenson.

Iron Horse Nocturne

One of the beautiful historic homes in Hermann that serves as a Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Joey’s Sea Turtle

Joey Loos is a marvelous metal artist who is a friend. She placed this wonderful turtle on the side of her barn.

Juneau Ice Floes

I loved Alaska, hated being on a cruise ship. There were moments. This is one.

Key Largo Idyll

The fishing boat, the gull, the towering clouds all in Key Largo. I thought about the movie, Bogie, well you get it.

Key West Light

The old Key West Lighthouse across from Ernest Hemingway’s former home.

Kivas and Bedrooms

Another view of Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon. The Anasazi structure housed a number of families and contained sacred spaces called kivas.

Like Lightning

The excerpt from a poem “Thriving in the Midst of Adversity”, by S. Nirmal Kumar is scrawled on a scrap of paper as part of this poetry inspired still life.

Like Lightning

The title is derived from a passage in a poem called Mushrooms by P.P. Ramachandran. The passage I chose is scribbled on the paper slip in the image.

Liqueur Cigars and Temple Gong

I was doing a product shoot for a client and I brought these things along to get the lighting the way I wanted before the shoot.

Little Old Farm II

Along highway 100, just outside of New Haven, Missouri. I almost always see a picture in more than one way. I shoot several versions. There are times when I work up more than one version of the same story. This Read More …


We were traveling along the North Atlantic in and around Cape Cod. We stayed at a place called the Timber Frame Cottage in Plymouth, Massachusetts and got our dinner on our first night there from the lobster pound down the Read More …


Louise and I were staying in an oceanfront cottage in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Down the road from the place there was a lobster pound, where one could order a live one boiled up for dinner. We enjoyed a South African wine Read More …

Lulus Back in Town

From a Fats Waller Tune: Gotta get my old tuxedo pressed, gotta sew a button on my vest, ‘Cause tonight I’ve gotta look my best, Lulu’s back in town. Gotta get a half a buck somewhere, gotta shine my shoes Read More …

Maynards Hat

At the Mount Carmel, Utah log cabin, once the home of Maynard Dixon and later Milford Zornes (who was one of my teachers and mentors).

Moonrise South Rim

With a respectful nod to Ansel Adams, this photo is in Grand Canyon on the South Rim.

Noiret I

This was the first in a series of shots of this hybrid grape varietal.

Noiret II

Noiret is a red wine grape hybrid that is a combination of Vitis labrusca, a native stock and Vitis vinfera, classic European grapes. The distinctive red wine is richly colored and has notes of green and black pepper, with raspberry Read More …

Noiret IV

Noiret is a red wine grape hybrid that is a combination of Vitis labrusca, a native stock and Vitis vinfera, classic European grapes.

Noiret Laced Leaves

When I shared this picture with the vineyard guys and the winemaker, they were concerned because the leaves and grapes weren’t perfect. It took a little convincing, but I finally got them to believe me that those imperfections made for Read More …

Noiret V

Noiret is a hybrid wine grape grown in the Ozarks region of Missouri. The distinctive red wine is richly colored and has notes of green and black pepper, with raspberry and mint aromas, and a fine tannin structure.

Nuestra Senora de la Luz

Nuestra Senora de la Luz, Our Lady of the Light is an old church along the road between Las Vegas, New Mexico and Santa Fe.

Ole Buttermilk Sky

I was driving across Kansas on my way to Wichita. I chose the secondary routes, state highways, and county roads, eschewing the monotony of the interstates. We often hear what a grind it is to drive across Kansas and I Read More …

On the Gore Road

Gore, Missouri has a population of 7, and unpaved road, close proximity to the Katy Trail and the Missouri River.

On the Pajarito Plateau

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument is located on the Pajarito Plateau approximately 40 miles southwest of Santa Fe, near Cochiti Pueblo.

Out on Highway V

This funny looking, Wizard of Oz Tinman silo and the old farmhouse are now gone. They were on Highway V in Franklin County, Missouri, not far from the Labadie Stacks operated by Ameren.

Penrod Lane

This shed is on a gravel road in McKittrick, Missouri.

Pisac Weavers

In the Sacred Valley of the Urabamba River there is a market where indigenous Quechua peoples come to sell their wares and to buy what they need. These young ladies are weavers selling textiles.

Preparing to Depart

The Durango & Silverton, narrow gauge railroad in southwestern Colorado. I hand colored the red jacket on the railroad worker as an afterthought.

Pretty Chaco Village

Chaco Canyon’s Pueblo Bonito tranlates Pretty Village. Prior to the 1880s, this was the largest building in America.

Ratatouille and Jeremy

While not a finished ratattouille, the components are there. Jeremy Wine in Lodi, California provided the lovely zinfandel that I drank later that day.

Readying the Team

Usually Amish people don’t like to be photographed. I saw this man working his team and I held my camera in the air where he could see it. He nodded and then he drove the team around so I could Read More …

Ribs and Spine

During my artist residency at Fort Union National Monument in New Mexico (Spring of 2019), I found this cow ribs and spine on a hike. The ess shape and the contrast of death and life were the attractions that caused Read More …

Row 10 Vineyard

Wine farmers number the rows to help identify where they are or where some work needs to be done.

Row by Row

In the underground wine cellars at Stone Hill Winery

Row by Row

In the cellars at Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, Missouri. Prior to prohibition, this was the second largest winery in the United States.

Sacred Bird

One afternoon, the skylight in my bedroom had shafts of illumination that caused a hummingbird light-pull to cast a shadow adjacent this Buddha. Of course, I ran for my camera and probably shot 20 or 30 frames trying to get Read More …

Sacred Bird

I have this Buddha in our bedroom. On the light chains, there are little creatures that my wife Louise has hung. This shadow is of a cloisonne hummingbird hanging from one of the lights.

Santa Fe Helianthus

My interest in this photo begins with the sunflower or helianthus on the roof of the building. I was further attracted to the repetition of lines from the wooden beam supports of the building to the contrails in the sky Read More …

Scarecrow II

This is one of several of these delightful scarecrows in the Lost Creek Vineyard near Hermann, Missouri.

Shannon of the Three Sisters

Shannon Cly is a guide in Monument Valley Tribal Park. She takes visitors to off the beaten path areas of this astonishing place.

Something Left for the Birds

A few sparse ears of corn left after the harvest attracts birds and mammals of all kinds. It’s a surplus from mechanical reaping.

Sr. Lukas, the Paco

A paco is a shaman. Lukas is a member of the Cuyini people in the Andes of Peru

Still Life with Bird Wing

I firmly believe that the main difference between artists and others is how we see the world. What is castoff, rubbish, of no use to many people, becomes a subject for a work to an artist.

Still Life with Rosie

This is Rosie, an African Grey parrot. She belongs to a friend. I have been studying still life from an art history perspective in the last few months and I had an image in mind that I wanted to capture. Read More …

Still Life with Rosie

Rosie is an African grey parrot owned by a friend here in Hermann. When I found out she had the bird, I asked if I could photograph her. I had the old fan in my shop. The teapot is a Read More …

Still Wine

A storage area in Stone Hill Winery’s sparkling wine cellars.

Stinking Roses

Still a puppy, our boxer girl, Smooch, decided it was time to harvest the garlic. She pulled up a bunch of the stuff and brought to them to me proudly. I cleaned the bulbs up and saw an opportunity.

Sunlight Awaits Alchemy

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water. ” ― Galileo Galilei This quote was the inspiration for the title. The alchemy of turning one thing into another is the obvious reference.

Sweet Potato Pi

A fibonacci that came about because my wife Louise had dug up some sweet potatoes she planted in an iron kettle on our deck for the foliage. The roots were a nice sidebar.

Teton Dribbling

This is my favorite portrait of Teton. He had just drunk some water. The drool is not a precursor to eating another creature.

The Face of Teton

Teton is a gray wolf that I have photographed extensively. He is the largest of a population of wolves in a sanctuary in western New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap.

The Four Directions

The Four Directions – A Southwestern Journey is the title of my book on the beauty of the Colorado Plateau around the Four Corners States. The Four Directions is a native American spiritual concept associated with the gifts of the Read More …

The Four Directions – A Southwestern Journey

A  very small, limited edition of 250 signed, numbered copies and 50 Artist’s Proofs. The book comes in a hand-crafted cherry-wood slipcase.

a collection of images from the American Southwest in the four corners states:

  • Arizona
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico


  • Vast Mountain and Desert Landscapes
  • Ancient Ruins of the Anasazi
  • The Lives and Culture of Native people
  • Hardcover: 136 pages
  • Publisher: William Fields (March 1, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1942613199
  • ISBN-13: 978-1942613190
  • Product Dimensions: 12.25 x 1.0 x 9.25 inches

Read More …

The Potato Peeler

In the central market in Cuzco, Peru this lady was peeling potatoes to sell in her stall.

Tiny House in Bem

Bem is an unincorporated town in southern Gasconade County, Missouri. The population was not counted in the 2010 census. There are probably a dozen or less people there. The building shown was once a gas station and as far I Read More …

Treloar Elevator

The grain elevator is adorned with a poster for the Katy Land Trust.

Uncle Elmer

On the same hike where I found the Spine and Ribs, I came across Uncle Elmer here. A steer that came to its demise for unknown reasons out on the prairie. The same life and death contrast spoke to the Read More …

Untitled Chimp

I sometimes go to the zoo to photograph the animals. This lovely lady didn’t really pose for me. She was busy in contemplation. Of what, I am at a loss to guess. The composition and the range of tonal values Read More …

US Mail

It was a foggy morning, one of my favorite times to shoot. I saw the mailbox with the foggy barns in the background in my mind and started to work on getting it into the camera.

Vernal Beauties

Spring Beauties are an early harbinger of kinder weather. When they start popping up in our woods, smiles start popping up on my face.

Wagon Shop

The remains of the mechanic’s shop, where wagons were repaired, for the Army and for travelers on the Santa Fe Trail at Fort Union National Monument. I was honored to be the artist in residence at Fort Union in the Read More …

We Had Cows in the Yard

Someone’s home place, now offering shade to the cattle the farmer raises. My intention with the title was to evoke an earlier time when the old place might have been the farm family’s home. In my mind, I heard a Read More …

Where Antelope Play

During my artist residency in New Mexico (Spring of 2019), one of my delights was coming across antelope in the early mornings and evenings. Pronghorns are not true antelopes. They are more closely related to giraffes.

Working the Mules

Typically, Amish people don’t like to be photographed. I was watching this young man working a field with his team. I had my camera around my neck. When he got close I held it up and he nodded. Then, he Read More …

Yosemite Falls Bursts Forth

The Yosemite Valley is beyond my ability to describe in words. Fortunately, I’m an artist and I can offer pictures.